Hours and Enrollment

We have returned to IN-PERSON meetings!
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SEEK is presented weekly at 10:00am in conjunction with Platform.
The SEEK 2021-2022 year begins on September 12, 2021.

Fees* are per child, and as follows:
Ethical Society Members: No charge for SEEK programming
Non-Member, grades K-6: $100 per year
Non-Member, grades 7-12: $150 per year
Registration is required for all participants

*A wide variety of payment options is available. Please contact seek@ethicalstl.org for payment information.

Operating Schedule

Preschool/ages 0-5 years

K-6 Grade/ages 5-12 years
Classes, 10am - 11am (Sep - May)
Activity Workshops, 11am - 12pm (Sep - May)

Coming of Age
7th - 8th Grade/ages 12-14

- 10am - 12pm (Sep - May)

Youth Group
9th - 12th Grade/ages 14-18

- 10am - 12pm (Sep - May)

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