Congregation Participation

We Value Collaboration

Our youth programs operate as a collaborative. The Society has dedicated Youth Programming staff: the Director of Ethical Education. The Director oversees all aspects of Youth Programming.

We encourage all members of our congregation to lend their expertise and skills to the SEEK program. We are always looking for grown-ups to facilitate Zoom meetings, to be speakers, and to moderate online youth social activities.

Just as members of a church, synagogue or mosque come together to care for others, to celebrate births, adoptions, weddings, funerals, festivals and other rights of passage, we too come together as a loving and supportive community.

We aspire to sustain a welcoming home for people of all ages, where we call each other’s attention to the joys and wonder in the world within and around us, and where we can find the hope and moral courage we need to navigate it gracefully.

Raising Ethical Humans (formerly Parent Talks)

Raising Ethical Humans is a monthly conversation among parents. Participants request discussion topics that address the interests and concerns of families of infants through teens. Topics, moderators, and guest presenters vary each month and are announced on SEEK's Facebook page.

During the '20-'21 season, Raising Ethical Humans happens on Zoom every first Thursday of the month at 8pm. Families of all descriptions are welcome to participate.

Adults and Children Working Together


Sunday Ethical Education for Kids


11am at the beginning of Platform

SEEK guides young people from infancy through their late teens in the thoughtful exploration of the myriad ways people make sense of the world around them. We examine a wide variety of the world's religious traditions, including the one that brings us together - Ethical Humanism.