Why trust us

Why bring your child to the Ethical Society Sunday Education programs?

The Society takes seriously its responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all youth who participate (infants through senior high).

  • Participating in SEEK is the first step for our children to grow into active members of our Ethical Humanist community.
  • We have a longstanding history of success, having first opened in 1887, just four months after the Society was formed.
  • The program is directed by and the curriculum is designed and revised regularly by our Director of Ethical Education, a professional educator who holds degrees in Education and Non-profit Management.
  • Each child is important and unique and is treated fairly and kindly.
  • We promote self-esteem and dignity throughout our curriculum, activities, and interactions.
  • Our paid staff is screened by the Family Care Safety Registry.
  • Parent and member volunteers work under the supervision of paid staff.
  • We are an inclusive program, so children of all identities are invited and encouraged to participate.

Guiding young people from infancy through their late teens in the thoughtful exploration of the myriad ways people make sense of the world around them, we examine a wide variety of the world's religious traditions, including the one that brings us together - Ethical Humanism.