Weekday nursery school

Our early childhood education program provides a supportive environment in which each child is accepted as unique. The preschool strives to enhance self-esteem, promote positive social skills, and encourage the natural curiosity and creativity of the preschool child. Attention to self-help skills contributes to a child’s feelings of capability and independence. In this environment, children enjoy problem solving and feel free to take risks in their exploration of the world. Age-appropriate activities are geared toward all facets of growth: physical, cognitive, emotional, as well as social.

For more information see our web site https://www.ethicalsocietynurseryschool.com.

Guiding young people from infancy through their late teens in the thoughtful exploration of the myriad ways people make sense of the world around them, we examine a wide variety of the world's religious traditions, including the one that brings us together - Ethical Humanism.