Ethical Navigators

(Alternative Youth Scouting)

  • An inclusive group of families and scouting enthusiasts at the Ethical Society of St. Louis
  • Open to children of all genders in the St. Louis area
    • Ages 4-6 Stargazers
    • Ages 7-10 Juniors
    • Ages 11-18 Seniors
  • Focused on caring for the earth, outdoor skills, and ethical values

Children 5-18 are part of Chapter 33 of Navigators USA a national, inclusive scouting organization.


We want to grow and foster an organization that we would be proud to have our children join.
We want to make a place where:

  • all Ethical Society values and principles can thrive and not be compromised.
  • everyone is welcome, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, or religious beliefs.
  • youth of different ages and genders get to experience together and learn to work together for a common goal.
  • exploration and learning are at the core of the program.
  • the outdoors is the classroom and respect for the outdoors is demonstrated through skills that embrace a “leave no trace” outdoor behavioral code.
  • youth learn leadership, character, and values as part of their participation.
  • reward is perceived through the helping of others, not for personal gain.
  • youth teach youth.
  • youth hold leadership roles helping to run the program.
  • youth see “fun” as one of the main descriptors of the program.
  • we practice sustainability.

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