Yes, rational voices are heard too

Many of us who are fervently hoping for health care reform have been demoralized by watching fearful, false, and just lunatic people taking the spotlight in the media. This is not an ethical way to have a discussion in a democracy, obviously.

And this is not the time to be demoralized. This is the time to make those phone calls and write those letters to Congress. Yes, it really matters and it really makes a difference.

If opponents of health care are the only ones acting as if this issue matters, then they will succeed in killing health care. If you think it matters whether all Americans have quality, affordable health care, act as if it matters–not by being a shouting lunatic, but by being a citizen and contacting your Representatives and Senators, now.

The AARP has an easy form you can fill out to contact your congresspersons, with a generic pro health-care letter you can edit to say whatever you want.
And here’s a detailed heath reform myth buster site, for those who’ve been taken in by the shouting: