Why I have trouble with Krista Tippett

This morning I listened to her interview with Karen Armstrong on “Speaking of Faith” (NPR).  Armstrong is a well-known religious historian and writer, and she seems like a very thoughtful and ethically minded person.  I haven’t read all her books, but her main message in the interview clearly was that the highest ethical/religious virtue is compassion–being able to imagine yourself into the experience of another to better understand them.  She also said in several different ways that what she learned from leaving Christianity (she was a Roman Catholic nun as a young woman) and studying many religions is that how people treat each other is the important thing, not beliefs or creeds.  So how did Tippett summarize Armstrong’s story?  As (yet another) “journey back to faith.”  I felt that the phrase undermined Armstong’s whole point and shoved it into the popular girl-meets-god, girl-loses-god, girl-gets-god story.  I’m getting sick of the word “faith,” and I agree with Armstrong that what the world needs is less faith and more compassionate acts.  And I’m disappointed in Tippett for changing the subject.