Weddings and Ceremonies

We offer a full range of life-cycle ceremonies such as weddings, baby namings, and memorials. We are all bound together by our need to celebrate life's joys and commune during life's sorrows. Our ceremonies honor the need for individuals to come together, building community by recognizing those things that make each of us unique and important. Each ceremony is crafted specifically for the people involved, and focuses on their life and needs.


We offer members and the St. Louis community beautiful, personalized wedding ceremonies focused on the couple getting married. The Ethical Culture wedding ceremony emphasizes a reciprocal and mutual relationship, acknowledges the trust and work required to maintain such a relationship, and focuses on the giving and accepting of promises that are meaningful to a couple. We proudly and enthusiastically perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. If you would like us to create a wedding ceremony for you, download the Wedding Officiant Application, and send it to us.




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Ethical Society officiants are legally authorized to officiate at weddings. They help couples design a ceremony that offers a creative, public expression of their personal sense of love and commitment through readings, rituals and vows. Guest clergy may also officiate. Weddings may take place at the Ethical Society or off-site at a location of the couple's choosing.




Memorial Ceremonies

At the end of life, a memorial or funeral ceremony honors the life of a loved one and fulfills the needs of family and friends to say goodbye, mourn their loss. The Ethical Society composes thoughtful ceremonies to honor and celebrate the life and individuality of the deceased.




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Leaders and Society staff will work with families to create an environment that respects the feelings of family and friends. Ceremonies may be conducted by Ethical Society officiates or by guest clergy.




Baby Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a baby is celebrated by participating in a reflective baby naming ceremony that commemorates the family's newest addition and welcomes the child into the social community of its parents.




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In most ceremonies, parents renew their vows to each other, commit themselves to caring for their child, and ask their community to join in promising to love their child unconditionally.