We Are the Leaders We Have Been Waiting For; Marvin Steele

Marvin Steel
Marvin Steel

This presentation is driven by the necessity to seize the moment. The formula for flight is speed + thrust + lift – drag = Flight! Our region will never reach its full capacity unless we can mitigate the economic drag that plagues our Black and brown communities. That economic drag was caused by generations of (conscious and unconscious) disinvestment in these communities. In order to grow this region robustly and equitably, we must reinvest in those communities.

Marvin Steele was born in Detroit, Michigan, but his family moved to St. Louis when he was an infant. He attended Soldan High School in St. Louis and Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He returned to St. Louis in the late 1970s and became deputy director of the St. Louis Deployment Authority under Mayor Vince Schoemehl. Mr. Steele later started a construction company that had the distinction of installing the 70,000 seats in the football dome; he was also the associate construction manager on the hockey arena, the Jazz Bistro in Grand Center and many other iconic buildings in St. Louis. Currently, Marvin serves as the president and CEO of the Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce.


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