I Want to Know What Love Is; Amy Miller, MSW, LCSW

Theme for the month: Love

From the intensity of romantic love, to the incredible depth of love for our children, to the straightforward friendly love of our chosen comrades, to the love we hold for all the human family, love is a central, governing theme in most of our emotional lives. It’s a common topic around Valentine’s Day, but using our love well and with intention is something for us to be mindful of year-round. What does it mean to love? What does who and how we love say about us? Why is love often so painful despite it being such a beautiful and necessary part of life? Is there a “right” way to love? Come learn how to put the concept of Love as Action into action!

Amy Miller is a clinical social worker in private practice in Webster Groves, where she specializes in communication, relationships, and personality types. Talking about How to Make Relationships Better is her favorite thing. She’s married to her best friend and is the proud and lucky mama of a sweet, funny 16-month-old girl.