Viva la difference! Coming to peace with how the other sex communicates; Kathy Ratino

Ask most people how the other sex communicates and how well the other sex communicates, and you will get an earful in response. Male and female styles of communication tend to be quite different, and if we don’t learn to acknowledge – and even appreciate – these differences as variations in style rather than right or wrong we may view the communication of the other sex as anything from perplexing to downright crazy. Kathy Ratino will explore past and current research and discuss personal experience that sheds light on this subject.

Kathy Ratino is an adjunct instructor at several colleges in the St. Louis area. She teaches the basic communication course, public speaking, gender communication, and communication between cultures, as well as a course called Communication Breakdown, Perceptual Differences, and Media Portrayal of Tragic Events. Kathy has also worked as a corporate trainer, a writer on financial and mental health issues, and a project manager. She holds an M.A. in Communication from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She is a member of Ethical Society Mid Rivers and is vice president of its Board of Directors.