Platform – What to expect

Platform – What to Expect

“Platform” is our Sunday morning community meeting. Platform starts at 10am and lasts about an hour. It is a simple format with no pressure on you to do anything. Platform consists of opening words offered by a member of the Society, music performed by local musicians, and a half-hour talk called the Platform Address. There is no prayer nor traditional religious ritual of any kind.

Members in the auditorium


We have a large parking lot at the back of our building with accessible parking clearly marked and closest to the door. We ask that you park around back and then head into the back entrance: you’ll find it to the right if you’re looking at the building from the parking lot.


When you arrive, we promise a friendly face at the door. Our greeters are happy to answer any questions you might have. There is free coffee available downstairs. As you make your way to the main auditorium on the upper floor, take a tour around the building: we have art displays featuring local artists each month. Before Platform begins we have music playing and we invite you get to know members of our community. There are bathrooms on both floors. Our building is fully accessible, with an elevator to both levels, and accessible parking in the front and rear of the building.

Bringing Children?

Please bring your children with you to the Ethical Society! We love kids! We run a full “Sunday School” program called Sunday Ethical Education for Kids, and we provide a free nursery/preschool service every Sunday morning for the youngest among us. When you arrive, a SEEK Ambassador will greet your family downstairs and, if you like, our trained SEEK staff can take your kids for a fun morning of educational activities. Find out more about SEEK. If you’d prefer to keep your children with you, they are welcome in Platform too!

Opening Words

Each Sunday a member of our community provides opening words, sharing why they joined the Ethical Society community, a story from their life, or something they’re passionate about. We believe everyone has something to teach, and we lift up the voices of our members.


We enjoy a wide variety of music, to celebrate human diversity and learn about music from all cultures and periods. In one month we might have pop music, classical guitar, a drumming group, and a whistling duet! About once a month we sing together – but not traditional hymns. We have our own chorus – the Ethical Voices – who sometimes sing for us, and we love to hear our children perform too. There are three pieces of music every Platform.

Platform Talks

The half-hour Platform Address is the focus of our Sunday meeting. Each week a speaker – either one of our professional Leaders, or an expert on a topic we’re interested in – explores deep questions about how to live life: Who are we? Why are we here? How should we treat each other? The point of the talk is to inspire us to think about big questions and then take action to change our own lives and improve our community. Listen to our past Platform talks on our podcast.

Coffee Hour

Every week after Platform we gather downstairs to chat and build relationships with free fair trade coffee and tea. Often you can talk with the Platform speaker and ask them questions: we believe in dialogue and skepticism, not unquestioned authority. We have an elevator to take you between levels.

What to Wear

We are a very casual community, and we won’t judge you, whatever you’re wearing. Some of our members like to dress up a bit, but most dress casually. Jeans, t-shirts, sweatpants, flip-flops, enormous floppy sun hats – wear whatever makes you feel comfortable!


The Society is supported by donations from visitors like you. You can donate here to support the work of the Society, or at any Sunday Platform. We pass the basket every week during Platform and accept cash or checks. Thank you for asking!


Sunday Ethical Education for Kids

10:00am to 12:00am

More About Seek

“Platform” is our word for Sunday service. It’s a relaxed, friendly community meeting, featuring music, opening words from a member of the Society, and an inspiring talk on a topic of ethical interest. You don’t have to do anything, and there is no prayer or religious ritual of any kind.