How do I join?

Why Join the Ethical Society of St. Louis?

There are many benefits to joining the Ethical Society. You will become part of a community that challenges you personally and encourages you to explore your innermost values. You can meet and socialize with a diverse group of like-minded people, clarify your personal philosophy of life, support others and accept the support of others during all the stages of life, and celebrate what it means to be alive. As a member, you will be part of something bigger than yourself: a community dedicated to improving our own lives, our community, and our world.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to anyone who is at least 16 years of age and willing to become an active, contributing member of our community. The nature and extent of your participation depends upon your individual needs and interests. All members make an annual financial pledge to support the Society's programming and outreach, but no one is excluded from membership because of an inability to pledge.

Steps to Membership
  • Attend Sunday gatherings and other events. Sign up for our mailing list. Stay for coffee hour to chat. You can find out about all the activities and programs at the Society through the monthly newsletter and on our online calendar.
  • Learn about Ethical Humanism. You can find out more about our history and principles from a variety of flyers around the building and from our website. Past Platform addresses are available on our website and through most podcast outlets. Books on Ethical Humanism are available in the Leader’s office.
  • Apply for membership. Complete the online Membership Application or fill out the form at the end of this brochure (you can find these brochures at the Society, or print one off yourself); tear it off; and put it in the collection basket, mail it to the office, or hand it to any staff person on a Sunday. You will then be contacted by our membership coordinator to set up a time to have a membership meeting. This meeting allows time to answer questions you might have about membership and pledging, before making any commitments.
  • After the pledge form has been submitted. The Board of Trustees reviews and approves member applications each month. As a new member, you will receive a permanent name tag, be introduced to the community, and be invited to new member events.
Making a Financial Pledge

The Ethical Society is supported and governed by its members, who give their time and funds according to their ability and willingness to contribute. All members are expected to make an annual financial pledge. We encourage people of all financial means to join the community. After you return the membership application, you’ll be asked to make a pledge to cover the remainder of the fiscal year, ending May 31. After that, you will be asked to renew or update your pledge each year during our annual campaign in February.

If you have any questions, please contact our membership coordinator Courtnie Scott-Cammarata

Our Community at Platform

Membership Application

We depend upon our members to continue the life of our community. If you have been inspired to live more ethically by one our programs, join us! We would love to call you a member.