Unpacking Religion; Walter Vesper

Many of us have been hurt by the religious traditions we grew up in. Like our families of origin, religious traditions are subject to “Trojan Horses” — elements which may have been useful in times past, but which now carry great pain and are harmful in today’s world.

In this platform address, Walter Vesper will use some tools of psychotherapy to unpack these “Trojan Horses” in order to develop a language to bridge the conflicts between people who are sure that they’re totally right and that others are totally wrong

Walter Vesper is a retired psychotherapist who has worked as a Methodist minister, an archaeologist, a medical ethicist, and teacher of English as a foreign language in China. During the 1980s and 1990s he organized the Thanksgiving pot-luck dinner here at the St. Louis Ethical Society, before moving to New Jersey where he was a member of the Princeton Ethical Fellowship.