Uganda Humanist Schools Trust Fundraiser, Leader James Croft EdD

The Ethical Society has been supporting Uganda Humanist Schools Trust (UHST) and providing scholarships to female high school students for the past decade. The schools and their surrounding communities have struggled mightily due to the COVID pandemic and the government-ordered school shut-downs; with significantly decreased tuition revenue but increased costs, the schools and the students relied heavily on funding provided by UHST. 

The Ethical Society community will have the opportunity to hear more specifics about this year’s experiences — both positive and negative — during a Platform in January, and we hope you will choose to donate funds to benefit UHST and the great work Isaac Newton and Mustard Seed Schools are doing in Uganda. 

ESSL Office Administrator Nancy Jelinek will collect all donations and wire the funds in late January, so please communicate with her and share how you will make your donation (ACH, check to Ethical Society with UHST in memo line, charitable trust, etc.). She will assist you in the details. Please contact Nancy at 314.991.0955 x214 or Thanks!