Trends in Reproductive Rights; Reverend Rebecca Turner

Laws like the recent 72-hour waiting period passed by the Missouri legislature are not isolated incidents created by a few rogue troublemakers. They are carefully planned strategies by those who want to criminalize all abortion services. Trends move around the country in predictable ways. Recent frightening trends include misinformation about contraceptive pills, blaming rape victims, and conscience clauses that excuse “religious” people from obeying law. Learn how to stop these negative trends and create positive trends to improve the climate for women in Missouri.

Reverend Rebecca Turner is Executive Director of Faith Aloud and a returning guest to the Ethical Society. She is a minister in both the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She was recently named the first “Resident Theologian in Reproductive Justice” at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. In recent years, she was named one of “13 Religious Women to Watch: Changing the World for Good” by the Center for American Progress, “Person of the Year” by the Abortion Care Network, and “Outstanding Contributor to Advance Women’s Equality” by the Missouri Women’s Network.