To Build: My Decade With the Ethical Society of St. Louis; Kyle Nienhaus

Kyle Nienhaus with his daughter on his shoulders.

Summiting ten years of membership, Kyle Nienhaus shares his experiences with the Ethical Society of St. Louis including reflections on personal growth, challenges still to be met, memories of friends along the way, and hopes for our children’s future. Humanist values are human values worth wanting, and Kyle intends to show the “how-come?” and the “what-for?” of that age-old question: “Why?”

Member Kyle Nienhaus is an independent philosopher and musician, author of the forthcoming Humanist, All Too Humanist: A Nietzsche Interpretation and trained at Berklee College of Music. He was born and raised in St. Louis where he lives with his wife Nikki and their daughter Lorelai.


Unedited Video