There is Hope in Combating Climate Change; – Sophia Hayes, PhD

Carbon being emitted by power plants getting sucked through a carbon capture device and then stored underground.

Scientists and engineers worldwide are devoted to helping find solutions to the negative effects of climate change. In this (largely nonscientific) presentation, Sophia will showcase some of those efforts. In short, there is “hope” — and it may help to recognize — we have done this before with other threats to our environment.

Sophia Hayes is a mom, an educator, and a research scientist. Her scientific work is in areas that determine the structure of matter, through “fingerprinting” molecules and atoms to assist other scientists and engineers in understanding chemical processes–everything from how we can capture CO2 with tailored structures, to how you can do exotic quantum sensing with semiconductors. She is a professor of chemistry at Washington University, and she embraces the opportunity to educate students in how to communicate complex science Sophia Hayes concepts to broad audiences.


Unedited Video