The Templar Salvation by Raymond Khoury (2010)

KhouryTemplar2This is definitely a sequel, but unfortunately, I don’t remember all that much of the first book, “The Last Templar.” so I’ve just gone back and reread my review of that book. Several of the characters are in both, including FBI agent Sean Reilly and his love interest, Tess Chaykin, a historian. Once more they are trying to track down some secret [no spoiler] of the history of the Templar order of knights. They clearly hid something in 1203, and some of the chapters are set in that time. Also some are in 1310, when Templar Conrad attempted to protect the secret materials they had already been protecting for hundreds of years. And one or two chapters take place in Nicaea in 325. I don’t dare say more about that without a spoiler alert. If you know any Christian history, you probably know what went on then.

Most of it follows Sean and Tess, whom the author stubbornly calls Reilly and Tess [Is that sexist, using the man’s last name but the woman’s first name?], and all the evil people who are following them. Some know about the treasure they are trying to find, and some don’t, but they are all sure they don’t want Sean and Tess to have it, whatever it is.

Gradually we learn that the most dedicated bad guy is an Iranian who wants the treasure because he believes it will do something horrible to Christianity to have it revealed. We know this is so, because the Vatican wants it kept secret. Again I get to marvel at how much of really nasty, vicious stuff goes on in the name of religion. [Let’s have a chorus of the Muppets singing “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”]

This is a genuinely entertaining book, but I don’t think people who are religious will appreciate it much.

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