The Spiritual Atheist: Finding Awe in the Natural World; Dr. Rich Feldenberg

In modern culture, the concept of a spiritual dimension to life is commonly associated with religion, the supernatural, or new age concepts. But more and more, the idea that there can be spirituality without religion, and without any appeal to the supernatural, is being recognized by non-believers as a fundamental quality necessary for living a fulfilling and meaningful life. It may finally be time reclaim the idea of spirituality and its benefits for humanists.

Rich Feldenberg, M.D., is an Associate Professor and Pediatric Nephrologist, at St. Louis University School of Medicine, where he cares for children with kidney disease and conducts research on the genetics of birth defects in the kidneys. He grew up in St. Louis and has been passionate about science from an early age. His other interests are cycling, philosophy, and writing. He also leads the Science Enthusiasts Club at the Ethical Society each month.