The Rainbow Connection: The Other Side of the Rainbow; Randy Rafter, Executive Director, Black Pride St. Louis

Young black person joyfully holding pride flag
Photo by Jakayla Toney

A discussion of what diversity, equity, and inclusion is, why it’s important, and what one can do to create safe spaces to support DEI.

Randy L. Rafter currently serves as the executive director of Black Pride St. Louis. Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Rafter has dedicated his work in service and advocacy. In his role as executive director of Black Pride St. Louis, Rafter has reshaped the organization from being a moment of the year, only producing its annual Black Pride Weekend event, to launching a movement campaign focusing on empowering, uplifting, and motivating people of color in the LGBTQIA/SGL community while advocating for diversity throughout the St. Louis region.


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