The Psychology of Happiness; Timothy J. Bono, PhD

Historically, the field of psychology has placed a lot of attention on what’s wrong with people and what we can do to treat disorders of the mind. More recently, however, the field has broadened its scope to give more attention to the positive side of human nature and the most effective ways to pursue the good life. This presentation will discuss the scientific study of happiness and strategies for life satisfaction based on research. In particular, how much of our happiness is actually in our control, and how can we find happiness even amid challenges we face in our world?

Timothy J. Bono received his BA and PhD in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis where he is currently an Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and Lecturer in the Department of Psychology. Tim’s teaching and research focus on positive psychology and college student development. He is the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence at Washington University, and he also received the Out-standing Research Award from the Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education. His research and ideas have been featured in a number of media outlets including Fast Company and CNN.