The new humanism

Harvard University hosted a wonderful conference of “new humanists” recently (as far as I can tell, the new humanists [Rushdie, E. O Wilson] are different from the new atheists [Dawkins, Harris], by being not quite so pissed off and more open to religious humanisms such as Ethical Culture, though there are exceptions to this rule on both sides). You can read an article about the conference that quotes Ethical Leader Bob Berson of the Northern Westchester Society (also my mentor during leadership training, and someone to whom I’m deeply thankful).

The conference was organized by Harvard’s new humanist chaplain, Greg M. Epstein. Ethical Culture leaders have founded humanist chaplaincies at Columbia University and Adelphi University in New York. A humanist chaplaincy provides a place for ethical and spiritual support and guidance to students who have humanistic beliefs.

As far as I know, no St. Louis school has a humanist chaplaincy. Maybe we should find out if the students would like one.