The Neuroscience of Criminal Behavior; Carissa Philippi, PhD

Associate Professor Carissa L. Philippi will present evidence from individuals with brain injury as well as brain imaging research in prison inmates which demonstrate the role of the frontal and temporal lobes in criminal behavior. In the context of this neuroscientific research, she will discuss legal and ethical considerations regarding concepts of individual responsibility and the limitations of neuroimaging.

Carissa L. Philippi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She received her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Iowa where she conducted research examining the effects of brain injury on self-perception. After finishing graduate school, Professor Philippi conducted neuroimaging research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to investigate the brain networks underlying psychopathic traits in prison inmates. Her current research seeks to understand the neural mechanisms of maladaptive self-perception in neuropsychiatric conditions, such as depression and posttraumatic stress disorder.


Unedited Video