The Illusion of Shame; Shane Reister, PsyD

Theme for the June: Pride and Shame

Shame shackles helpfulness, despite the illusion that it promotes right living. Can we learn from “shameful” behaviors used to adapt to suffering-filled environments? All stressful work risks anger and mistrust being brought home from the office. Healthier coping allows helpfulness to rise as we grow from misdeeds, address addiction, and end aggression.

Shane Reister, PsyD, received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. He has 15 years of experience in forensic psychology and currently serves as the Southern Regional Psychologist Administrator at the Illinois Department of Corrections, overseeing the mental health programming of 11 state prisons. He also has served on the planning committee for the Southern Illinois Drug Awareness Conference. He specializes in LGBTQ and multicultural-diversity, which includes development of trainings on transgender correctional psychology. He utilizes approaches to empower clients to find a path to wellness and freedom from mental illness, criminal behavior, and addiction.