The Handmaid's Legislators

Yesterday, the Missouri state legislature started debating an omnibus bill (SCS SB 370, 375, 432) that would further weaken sex education and family planning clinics in Missouri. All the available evidence, and two seconds of clear thought, shows that weakening sex education and access to birth control means more unwanted pregnancies.

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ban on one of the safest kinds of late-term abortion. The “reasoning” of the decision is bizarre and paternalistic—as Justice Ginsberg, THE ONLY WOMEN ON THE COURT, ably explains:

I recently heard someone use the term “government-mandated childbirth.” Are Americans really going to allow the U.S. to become a theocracy? What’s amazing is the depth of denial of adults who wish children would never grow up, of people who have sex (as most people do, a lot) who wish that other people wouldn’t, of people who don’t want children (witness the low birthrate) who wish that everybody else would have them.

It seems to me based on massive Freudian projection, in which those overcome with guilt for their own dirty-bad desires seek to punish other people in their place. As someone trying to be more compassionate, I hope the theocrats learn joyously to embrace their own sexuality; but if they don’t, can’t they at least learn to punish themselves instead of the rest of us?