The Baha’i Faith: How I Lived It for 37 Years; Cheryl Thomas

Little is known about the Baha’i Faith, yet it is second only to Christianity as the most wide spread religion in the world according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Cheryl will take you from it’s beginnings with The Bab (the gate) and Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God) in the early 1800’s in Persia, Constantinople, Adrianople, Akko, Haifa, into her life in 1971, to the jungles of Panama as a pioneer, and finally leaving the Baha’i Faith and becoming a member of the Ethical Society 37 years later. Cheryl will share some photos of her two years with the Kuna indigenous villages in Panama.

Cheryl Thomas signed her card as a member of the Baha’i Faith in 1971. Up until that point she attended Washington University in the business school and worked at Washington University in the Sociology Department. After being “touched” by God and hearing his message, she left St. Louis and went to Panama as a Baha’i Pioneer to live with the Kuna communities for two years. The Kuna live in the mainland jungle and on the San Blas Islands just off the coast of Panama above Columbia. She married in 1974 and came back to St. Louis and founded an insurance agency, R. T. Thomas & Co., Inc. along with her first husband. He died in 1998 and she carried on the insurance agency until her two wonderful children took over ownership and now she works for them. Cheryl became a member of the Society in 2008. Cheryl also remarried her second wonderful husband, Rox-Roy Edwards in 2005.