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Ethical Humanism and Judaism; James Croft, EdD, Leader

By Matthew Hile / September 2, 2020

While most Ethical Society members know that Felix Adler, the founder of the first Ethical Society, was the son of a rabbi and grew up Jewish, we rarely talk about the relationship between Ethical Humanism and Judaism. In this Platform – the first of a new annual series exploring the similarities between Ethical Humanism and other religious traditions – James Croft will trace the Jewish roots of Ethical Humanism and show how our philosophy drew heavily on the Reform Judaism of Felix Adler’s upbringing.

Ethical Humanism and Progressivism; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / August 27, 2017

It’s time for our yearly compare-and-contrast Platform! How is our tradition similar to and different from other traditions?

Ethical Societies promote a belief in the human potential to make continual progress toward kinder and fairer relations between all people. Progressivism is a political movement that supports social justice activism, usually to mitigate problems related to inequality, prejudice, and oppression of different kinds. Ethical Humanism historically tends to take ethical stances that align with progressivist positions, and a majority of Ethical Society members would likely identify as progressives (whether by that exact term or not). At the same time, Ethical Humanism is not a political movement, and the Society seeks to welcome people of a variety of political opinions. What, then, should the relationship be between Ethical Humanism and progressivism?

The Tao of Ethical Humanism; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By WebAdmin / August 28, 2016

Each August we look at the similarities and differences between the Ethical Society tradition and a philosophical or religious cousin. This year we will explore some of the history and lessons of Taoism as compared to Ethical Humanism.

Ethical Humanism and Greek Philosophy; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / August 30, 2015

It’s time for the end-of-summer “compare and contrast” platform address! Learn more about Ethical Humanism and the Ethical Society by exploring some of the philosophies of ancient Greece that challenged traditional theories of reality and sought naturalistic answers to questions of how to live a meaningful and good life.

Ethical Humanism and Atheism; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / August 24, 2014

Each year we compare and contrast a related-but different religious or philosophical tradition to Ethical Humanism. This year we’ll look at atheism in some of its different forms and explore in what ways Ethical Humanism overlaps with atheism (the Ethical Society has some members who identify as atheist), and in what ways Ethical Humanism has distinct values and practices that a person does not have to be atheist to embrace.

Ethical Humanism and Existentialism; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / June 30, 2013

This year for various reasons Kate’s annual “Get to know Ethical Humanism” platform address will be in June, not August. And this year we will be learning more about Ethical Humanism by exploring its relationship not to another religion, but to another philosophy/lifestance: existentialism. How is Ethical Humanism similar to and different from existentialism? Come and find out–berets optional.

Ethical Society vs. NPR; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / August 26, 2012

Each August for the last four years Kate has given a platform address comparing and contrasting Ethical Humanism with a different religious or philosophical tradition: Judaism, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, and secular humanism. In this age when many people choose to stay home on Sundays, or to belong to virtual communities rather than physical ones, we will take a slightly different angle and look at the similarities and differences between the Ethical Society and National Public Radio, which many members listen to religiously, so to speak.

Ethical Culture and Secular Humanism; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / August 29, 2010

This platform looks at what Ethical Humanism has in common with secular humanism, and how it differs as a form of religious humanism.

Faces of humanism: Ingersoll and Adler; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / April 18, 2010

Faces of humanism: Robert Ingersoll and Felix Adler

Humanism and Buddhism; Kate Lovelady, Leader

By Matthew Hile / August 30, 2009

A comparison of classical Buddhism and Ethical Humanism that explores the overlaps of these traditions, both of which are non-theistic and focused on practical ways to improve human life.