Spring cleaning and estate sales

We needed a new bookcase, so last weekend we hit the yard-sale circuit. I picked a couple estate sales to begin with, figuring that they have the most to chose from–usually the contents of an entire life. And they sure did. Both estate sales I thought at first couldn’t possibly be from only one household. But indeed, both the houses had been stuffed to the gills over decades. Many of the things still had price tags on them or obviously had never been used. The more I looked at the mounds of redundant and unused stuff, the less I felt like adding more stuff to our home.

After a couple hours of looking, we spent a total of $1 on a nozzle for our garden hose. And when we got home we discovered we already had one. I’ve stopped looking for a bookcase and instead am looking forward to spring cleaning and giving things away.

If any of you struggle with overbuying, try going to an estate sale. (Don’t bring any money.) Look around and think about all that stuff: how much of it really improved the person’s life, how much of it just became a burden, and how much will be in the landfill tomorrow.