Solidarity over Hostility; Rev Jim Poinsett, Interfaith Partnership

When people from different backgrounds and traditions get to know one another, their community is stronger, experiences less prejudice and bigotry, and is more resilient. By building relationships across differences we can move from hostility to solidarity. We are able to recognize one another as neighbors and create community based on understanding rather than vengence, mercy rather than retaliation, reconciliation rather than violence.

Jim came to IPSTL after serving 12 years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) with congregations in New York, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. Prior to entering the ministry, Jim spent 11 years working in politics, primarily as a lobbyist to state legislatures and Congress. Jim’s previous ecumenical and interfaith work includes serving as the Vice President of the New York State Council of Churches, and serving on Religious Leaders Council of Interfaith Philadelphia.

Jim holds a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University Divinity School. He received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State University.

Jim is a widower, losing his wife Robin to cancer in 2009.


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