SiFi Book club reading list

Below is a list (updated regularly) of book the group has read and discussed.

A Beautifully Foolish EndeavorGreen, HankMar2022
Light ChaserHamilton, Peter & Powell, GarethFeb2022
An Absolutely Remarkable ThingGreen, HankJan2022
The Ship Who SangMcCaffrey, AnneNov2021
Day ZeroCargill, RobertOct2021
Quarter ShareLowell, NathanSep2021
The Space Between WorldsJohnson, MicaiahAug2021
Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch #1)Leckie, AnnJul2021
Project Hail MaryWeir, AndyJun2021
How Long ’til Black Future Month? Jemisin, N. K. May2021
Metatropolis: The Dawn of UncivilizationScalzi, John Apr2021
DawnButler, Octavia Mar2021
A Memory Called EmpireMartine, ArkadyFeb2021
A Window Into TimeHamilton, Peter F.Jan2021
Winter WorldRiddle, A. G.Nov2020
Downbelow StationCherryh, C. J.Oct2020
Quantum SpacePhillips, DouglasSep2020
The Long EarthPratchett, TerryAug2020
To Be Taught, If FortunateChambers, BeckyJul2020
Nemo RisingJoyner, C. CourtJun2020
And Shall Machines SurrenderSriduangkaew, BenjanunMay2020
The Player of GamesBanks, Iain M.Apr2020
Best of All Possible WorldsLord, Karen Feb2020
Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?Dick, Philip K.Nov2019
The Tea Master and the DetectiveBodard, AletteNov2019
Mote in God’s EyePournelle, Jerry & Niven, LarrySep2019
Once & FutureMcCarthy, Cori and Capetta, Amy RoseAug2019
Old Man’s WarScalzi, JohnJul2019
ArtemisWeir, AndyJun2019
The Calculating StarsKowal, MaryApr2019
BintiOkorafor, AnediMar2019
Long Way to a Small Angry PlanetChambers, BeckyFeb2019
The MargaretsTepper, Sheri S. Jan2019
The Human BlendFoster, Alan DeanNov2018
The Sirens of TitanVonnegut, Jr. KurtOct2018
Six WakesLafferty, MurSep2018
The Stars My DestinationBester, AlfredAug2018
All Systems RedWells, Martha Jul2018
MoonwarBova, BenJun2018
Sea of RustCargill, C. RobertMay2018
Startide RisingBrin, David Apr2018
Trading In DangerMoon, ElizabethMar2018
Snow CrashStephenson, NealFeb2018
KindredButler, Octavia Jan2018
The SparrowRussell, Mary DoriaNov2017
BlindsightWatts, PeterOct2017
CitySimak, Clifford D.Sep2017
The Moon is a Harsh MistressHeinlein, RobertAug2017
I Sing the Body ElectricBradbury, RayJul2017
The DispossessedGuin, Ursula K.Jun2017

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