"Shout-out" to MoSP

Another reason for supporting Missourians for Single Payer Health Care. Opponents of single-payer plans spin horror stories of government bureaucracies and citizens dying by the score, strangled by red tape. They point to the famously complex plan proposed by the Clinton Administration. But today the Associated Press reports that Missouri is joining California and probably other states in suing the federal government over the fiasco that is the current Medicare prescription plan. If California and Missouri have become bedfellows, that must be one Bad plan. The reason why the plan is so bad–for consumers–of course, is that it was written by drug-company lobbyists.

I have spent many years uninsured, and I have spent years underinsured in “affordable” health plans that sent me to doctors whose offices were themselves health hazards. It’s stressful and often frightening to be in those situations. Howard Dean and General Motors agree on this issue; California and Missouri are equally fed-up with the current system. Polls show taxpayers are willing to pay more taxes to get a better health system. The snowballs are flying around Hell. When will enough of them hit Congress so that they’ll pull the lobbyists’ hands out of their pockets and let our nation insure all its citizens?