Seth Andrews to Challenge Divine Design at Ethical Society of St. Louis

The Thinking Atheist Seth Andrews will explore and challenge the concept of intelligent design from a secular perspective Saturday, July 13, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Ethical Society of St. Louis, during his talk “Seth Andrews vs. God: Who is the Better Intelligent Designer?”

“We are excited to host Seth Andrews for this event,” said Ethical Society Board of Trustees President Scott Wright. “His approach to controversial topics with humor and intelligence aligns with our mission to promote ethical living and critical thinking.”

This free event is geared toward those interested in science, philosophy, and rational thought. It is co-sponsored by the Ethical Society and The Skeptical Society of St. Louis.

“I caught Seth’s talk in Kansas City,” said Ethical Society member Robin Glowatski. “He has a method of presenting a topic in an understandable and humorous way. It seemed like the hour was over before it even started.”

Well-known for his ability to tackle complex subjects with clarity and wit, Andrews is a former Christian broadcaster turned secular advocate. He is the author of several books, including “Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason” and “Confessions of a Former Fox News Christian.” As the host of “The Thinking Atheist” podcast, he discusses atheism, skepticism, and the importance of reason.

The Ethical Society of St. Louis is a Humanist congregation that provides a community for people to explore ethics, seek inspiration, and engage in social action. Founded in 1886, the Society is dedicated to promoting ethical principles and fostering a compassionate and just world.

The Skeptical Society of St. Louis is committed to promoting science, critical thinking, and evidence-based reasoning. It provides a welcoming community for individuals who seek to question assumptions, explore the natural world, and challenge pseudoscience. Through events, discussions, and educational outreach, it aims to foster a culture of skepticism and inquiry in the St. Louis area.

Seth will also be giving another free talk at 11 a.m. July 14 at the Ethical Society entitled “RAGE BAIT: Finding the Real Story in a World of Half-Truths.” All are welcome!