Sunday School (SEEK) Director Search

Job description

Children in a classroom listening to a book being read.
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The Ethical Society of St. Louis – a non-theistic Humanist congregation – is looking for a talented Sunday School Director to run our Sunday Ethical Education for Kids (SEEK) program. You will be responsible for creating comprehensive educational experiences for kids from K-12 in the furtherance of our congregation’s mission. We hope to raise children with positive ethical values, but we do not teach the beliefs of any traditional religion. This position is part time, 20 hours a week, with the requirement to work on Sundays, attend a weekly staff meeting, and maintain some agreed-upon hours at the Society. SEEK is active September-May, which will require weekly parent communication, data and scheduling management, with the goal to keep each Sunday running smoothly. Time in the summer months is to be used primarily for planning the upcoming year. 

As the SEEK Director, we expect you to have relevant experience in educational settings and a love of kids. This position requires excellent organizational skills, as you will manage the work of paid teachers and volunteers. You will be responsible for improving our curriculum, ensuring existing lessons are well-planned and connected to our congregation’s mission, and making sure the program runs smoothly and is amply promoted. 

Ultimately, you should be able to develop an exceptional Sunday School program which our kids love and which encourages parents to join our community. This position reports to the Ethical Society Leader and is supported by paid teachers and volunteers, as well as an advisory council.  


  • Hire and supervise preschool caregivers, elementary teachers, and upper grade advisors 
  • Develop, maintain, and promote Special Interest programs (10-11 am); including encouraging and scheduling member volunteers to assist and teach Special Interest programs and Sunday School classes, if needed
  • Submit a monthly report to the Board of Trustees 
  • Adapt,  maintain, and promote a relevant and engaging SEEK curriculum and lessons
  • If gaps in curriculum are observed, may also create original programming 
  • Prepare the annual budget with the support of staff and the SEEK Council
  • Develop policies to maintain orderly classrooms 
  • Prepare a weekly email for parents informing them of the upcoming Sunday activities 
  • Assure that students, parents, and newcomers are greeted and welcomed at SEEK and related events
  • Collect contact information from visitors and follow up with them within a week of their visit
  • Meet regularly with the Ethical Society Leader, staff, SEEK Council, students, Nursery School board, parents, and others as agreed to with Leader
  • Oversee planning of some congregational special events
  • Oversee summer childcare to allow parents to attend Platform while SEEK is on hiatus 
  • Assure classrooms and learning areas are properly stocked and prepared for each lesson/activity and cleaned up afterward
  • Acquire learning supplies/tools as needed, within budget
  • Work within a budget and track all expenses


  • Proven work in an educational setting (Sunday School or equivalent preferred)
  • Willingness to develop a working understanding and knowledge base of Humanist culture
  • Genuine love of children and ability to connect with kids and parents alike
  • Effective written and oral communication skills 
  • Excellent organizational and personal skills as well as long-range planning ability 
  • Ability to deliver creative educational content and opportunities 
  • Proactive desire to improve the Sunday School program experience 
  • Ability to work alongside staff and volunteers

Preferred Qualifications

  • BA in Education or relevant area; may be supplemented with relevant experience 

This is a great opportunity to join a passionate team seeking to improve the world through the creation of a vibrant, growing, justice-loving community. This flexible, part-time position is perfect for someone looking to develop more experience in this area while doing work they can believe in and which makes a difference.

The Ethical Society of St. Louis is committed to the celebration of diversity and to the creation of a welcoming community for all people. We encourage applications from minority and marginalized communities: people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, and women are encouraged to apply.

Job Type: Part-time (20 hours/week) 

Pay: $20.00 per hour

If interested and a good fit, please send a letter of interest, a resume or CV, and three references to 

Applications are accepted until position is filled.