Scooting update

As I wrote about recently, we have become a one-car, one-scooter family. (If you want to see a picture, check out the recent American Ethical Union Dialogue newsletter, p. 11.) So how’s it going? I estimate that I’m getting over 80 mpg, which with my short commute translates to less than a gallon of gas a week. I’ve bought plastic over-pants and a plastic hooded jacket, so assuming I remember to put them on before it starts raining, I stay dry (unless it really pours). As for the heat, although it’s not comfortable waiting at a red light in the sun, I’ve found in some ways that it’s better than a car—the breeze feels great, and you don’t have to wait 5 minutes for the a/c to kick in. I ride at night and feel safe, as the lights on the scooter are nice and bright. And I love all the conversations with big-car drivers who roll down their windows to ask me what kind of mileage I get.

I found an old ski suit to wear when it gets cold—that’ll be the next hurdle. But so far, it seems like it was the right decision to solve my ethical commuting conundrum. If you’ve had an experience with alternative transportation or questions about what can work for you, let me know.