Right to Work: Can Democracy Stand the Assault on Unions?; Dennis Roach

Thirty-six years ago, in 1978, Missouri voters rejected by state-wide referendum the anti-union “Right to Work” proposal. In 2014 we are again faced with the prospect of another such referendum. Dennis Roach will explain what the “Right to Work” law is as well as discuss his thoughts on democracy and the role of unions. What is the relationship be-tween political and economic democracy? Can we have one without the other? Dennis will also discuss his extensive experience with union activism and the role it played in his personal development.

Since 1991 Dennis has been an active member of the Ethical Society, twice serving as a member of the Board of Trustees and acting as an adult advisor for the Youth Group for many years. Professionally he is an engineer and currently designs control enclosures for industry. In 2012 Dennis was elected to serve as the Democratic Committeeman for the Bonhomme Township. He began his working life in a factory. Prior to becoming an engineer, Dennis was active in local IBEW 2352, instrumental in establishing the Labor Studies Center at Forest Park Community College, and chaired the Citizen’s Committee Against the Right to Work in 1978.