Revolutionary Queer Joy; Ky Miller

Members of the LGBTQ+ community are frequently socialized in the context of “hard.” A copious amount of time is spent discussing how we face disproportionate levels of discrimination, higher rates of mental health challenges, and other hardships. However, we are more than the hurdles we face. Ky Miller will lead us through an exploratory celebration of queer culture, allowing us to connect with what is actually a really fascinating – and fun – culture. We will spend intentional time dedicated to honoring the sacred and transformational magic that is experienced in connecting with ourselves authentically and expand our perspective of Revolutionary Queer Joy as a fundamental component of liberation.

Ky Miller (they/them) is a social worker and psychotherapist who provides affirming and competent, attachment/trauma-informed therapy to LGBTQ+ children, teens, adults, and their families. An anti-oppression liberationist at heart, Ky’s social activism regarding the rights and humanity of the LGBTQ+ community spans nearly 30 years. Currently, they run ALIGN, an education, training, and consultation program that enhances providers’ competencies in serving neurodivergent LGBTQ+ clients.


Unedited Video