Responding to Ferguson

The killing of Michael Brown and the ongoing protests and police actions in Ferguson are painful reminders that, for all our ideals, humanity still has a lot of work ahead of us to create a world that truly affirms the worth and dignity of all people.

While we are grieving, we are also trying to figure out how to respond–in the short term, how to be helpful to those who have been hurt by violence, and in the long term, how to advocate for fundamental changes so that the future has more justice and more peace.

One coalition of community leaders and clergy has created a web site,, where you can find information on volunteer opportunities, donation sites, and events.

Also, one of our members, Sue Williams, had a letter in the Post-Dispatch yesterday with some ideas for building a better future, based on her experience in education.

As an Ethical Society, we will respond, as we always do, individually and as a community to this latest tragedy. But even more important will be a deeper ongoing commitment to working in partnership with others to bring about real change.