Remembering Walter Hoops; Patricia Konert Von Zur Muehlen

Born in Germany in 1902, Walter emigrated to New York in 1927 and migrated to St. Louis in 1932 where he joined the Freethinkers and the Ethical Society. In 1948 he became a charter member of the Rationalist Society of St. Louis.

Walter was an avowed atheist, ardent rationalist, and enthusiastic supporter of Democratic Socialism. We’ll take a brisk walk down the memory lane of Walter’s long life and cross paths with some of the notable people he met along his life’s journey: Margaret Sanger, Norman Thomas, the Reuther brothers (Walter and Victor), Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Sen. Paul Simon, and Mark Twain’s cousin, Cyril Clemens.

Patricia Konert von zur Muehlen met Eleanor and Walter at the Society in 1975 and they became good friends. After Eleanor’s death in 1993, Pat took Walter on outings almost weekly. Walter died 25 May 1999.