Rebuttal to Hinduism platform, in new platform response forum

Our crack e-Committee has set up a forum,, where anyone may respond to and discuss the Sunday-morning talks posted on our web site. You may register or post anonymously.

With permission, I have just posted a very in-depth critical response to the platform on Hinduism that was given at the Ethical Society this summer, written by Ethical Society member Atish Sen. I urge anyone who attended or listened to the talk online to read Atish’s letter, and to respond in turn if you like, especially if you are knowledgeable about Hinduism.

I am very ignorant about the issues, so I cannot respond to them except to say that we invite a diversity of outside speakers to the Society, and that our inviting them does not constitute an endorsement of their views, particularly since we often don’t know quite what they’re going to say and/or are not experts in their fields. We are always open to speaker recommendations.

I’m grateful to Atish for taking the time to write his letter. I urge everyone to use the new forum to respond, challenge, or discuss any and all platform addresses.