Racism in Healthcare: Recognizing and Combating Implicit Bias; Nikki Nienhaus, DC

Nikki Nienhaus will offer a brief history of racism in American medicine, how it has evolved and changed, and what the outlook is moving forward. She will include practical ways that individuals can recognize their own biases as well as those of the healthcare workers they encounter, and begin to change them. And lastly, she will offer actions that can be taken to create change on the global level.

Dr. Nikki Nienhaus has been practicing as a chiropractor since 2016, both in private practice and as the chiropractor at Jamaa Birth Village, St. Louis’ first Blackowned midwifery clinic. Nikki and her husband Kyle have been members at the Ethical Society since 2013. They have one daughter, Lorelai.


Unedited Video