Missouri bars transgender and nonbinary humans from treatment and sports – Community Alert


LGBT+ Rainbow with torn paper
Katie Rainbow

The Ethical Society of St. Louis stands by our transgender members and friends and is appalled at the ban on gender-affirming care for minors and a prohibition on trans women and girls from playing on sports teams that align with their gender recently signed by the Missouri Governor. We do not support these laws. Anyone with actionable suggestions for how we can help, please pass them along. 

CNN – Missouri governor signs gender-affirming care ban for minors and anti-trans sports bill.

There are a disturbingly large number of anti-trans and anti-gay bills in the Missouri legislature, as well as in other conservative states across the country. For example, there are more bills aimed at restricting trans-girls in sports than there are trans-girls in our state. The state of Missouri is leading the charge in attempting to dismantle the protections for gender-affirming healthcare in our state, particularly for young people, as well as make it a crime for kids to be read stories by drag queens. (Anyone who’s ever met a drag queen knows how absurd this is; Drag Queen Storytime is a blast for all ages and completely non-harmful to children.)

The Ethical Society affirms the right of all humans to live in alignment with their true selves, and we stand firmly by our transgender and nonbinary fellow humans. We affirm the right of all humans to practice self-determination and make the decisions that are correct for them.

We wholeheartedly reject the notion that anyone deserves less than equitable treatment under the law, and we welcome everyone through our doors. Contact your lawmakers and let them know you oppose these draconian bills. Specifically, you may contact Josh Hawley here and Eric Schmitt here.