Deed Before Creed

Action is a hallmark of The Ethical Society of St. Louis and Ethical Culture as well. In addition to Society wide initiatives, we support our members' broad range of ethical actions. Here we will share some of those efforts.

“The People’s Parade”

Join us downtown for the 27-Apr “People’s Parade” focused on closing the Labadie power plant, the second-deadliest power plant in the country. Co-sponsored by our CAN! Team.


Benefit Concert for Missouri Abortion Fund

Amy Miller, our Interim Director, and her musical partner Michael Schaerer offered a free concert on Tuesday evening. All proceeds, $1,600, went to the Missouri Abortion Fund to support pregnant Missourians’ access to abortion services. This post and its links do not express or imply an endorsement by the Ethical Society of St. Louis or…


Uganda Humanist Schools – Invaluable Support from the Ethical Society of St. Louis

In 2024, our members raised a massive total of £52,772 to support girls at the Uganda Humanist schools.


"Where the churched and unchurched can come together to do good works."
Felix Adler, Founder of Ethical Culture