Are We Prepared for Our Uncertain Future? Alan Ranford

Our lives are increasingly affected by accelerating technological advances, forcing ever faster changes in our lives. We will eventually be forced to face our planet’s increasing temperature and rising oceans, and deal with an ever-growing population with diminishing resources. How do we prepare ourselves for the inevitable new deluge of problems?

Alan Ranford does not claim to have solutions: “I’m just a layman looking at the world that awaits us all.” A member of the Ethical Society for over 45 years, Alan was a mechanical engineer in areas including guided missiles, advanced aircraft systems, and disposable medical products. Forty years ago, he became concerned about our environment and excess population growth. He conducted adult classes on environmental issues and created a program to teach our 5th and 6th graders about the consequences of unsustainable living, disguising this message as a fun series of role-playing classes in which they were the passengers and crew on board a gigantic spaceship circling the sun; each week there was a new problem/situation to solve