Political Ethics and Public Values, an Ethical Society of St. Louis podcast by Dr. Wally Siewert

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This presentation will explore the ethical obligations and value frameworks of public service. What makes an ideal public servant, and why is it such a hard job? How can we better understand the myriad, potentially conflicting values in the public sphere? What are the underlying public values that we all agree on? How do they come into conflict to create such strident disagreement? How can we create a consistent framework within which to place public values, and new tools with which to address conflicts between them?

Dr. Siewert is Director of the Center for Ethics in Public Life at the University of Missouri St. Louis. Prior to completing his PhD in Political Philosophy and Ethics at the University of California Santa Barbara, Dr. Siewert was Field Coordinator for the Citizen’s Action Coalition of Indiana and Campaign Manager and Program Coordinator for the Coalition for Consumer Justice in Providence, R.I. Having organized at the grassroots level, lobbied at the state level, and studied the political process from the academic point of view, Dr. Siewert seeks to illuminate the connection between the moral challenges individuals face in public service and the background principles and values of democratic governance that make public service such a unique, difficult, and vital human endeavor.

Political Ethics and Public Values, is available on our podcast page.