Political conservativism and the Ethical Society

Last Sunday three of our members shared some of their life stories with us in our “This I Believe: Members Speak” platform. (You can listen to the podcast here.) One of the speakers “came out” as a political conservative and expressed his discomfort with the overwhelming political liberalism of most of the Society’s members. Although we haven’t taken any polls, I’m sure he’s right that most Ethical members are politically liberal, which I’ve always figured is because religious liberalism and political liberalism tend to go together, although clearly that isn’t true in all cases.

I’m curious if any of you consider yourself religiously liberal but politically conservative–or religiously conservative but politically liberal–and how you balance those positions. Do you think the Ethical Society should strive to be more welcoming to political conservatives? We like to think we welcome everyone, but all groups have norms that are more or less comfortable to others. How could we encourage more political diversity among our membership–or should we even try?