Playhouse Emissions: Climate Change Theatre; That Uppity Theater Company

Theme for the March: Anger

There is overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real, human-caused, and will have catastrophic effects. Yet it is still a struggle to educate and motivate the public to take action. Theatre has the power to inform and move people. Climate Change Theatre Action 2017 was a world-wide series of performances of short plays inspired by climate change and prevailing attitudes toward science.

This special Arts Festival Platform will reprise several of the vignettes and performances seen at the Ethical Society last fall, produced by That Uppity Theatre Company Producing Artistic Director Joan Lipkin (Ethical Humanist of the Year Awardee) and Pamela Reckamp. Read by some of the leading actors in St Louis, the plays were selected from over 25 cultures, including perspectives from low-lying nations threatened by sea-level change and countries facing severe heat-waves, floods, or droughts. The Platform will also include a performance from Ashley Tate of Ashleyliane Dance Company.

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing us as a global community. Scientists estimate that we have 15 years to de-carbonize the economy if we want to stave off the worse impacts of climate change.”—Joan Lipkin