Playhouse emissions: A climate change theater action – Uppity Theatre Co

Monday, November 6, 7-9:30 pm at the Ethical Society St Louis, “Playhouse Emissions: A Climate Change Theatre Action” will be presented as part of the international Climate Change Theatre Action 2017. Admission is free, but registration is requested online or at the door. Registration and networking at 7-7:30, program will begin at 7:30, with resource tables following from 8:45-9:30.

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The St. Louis event follows the growing tradition of rapid response from theatre artists for collective action on some of the most pressing issues of our time, including gun violence and extrajudicial violence against people of color.

Most recently, That Uppity Theatre Company co-produced “After Orlando” at the Contemporary Art Museum about the gun massacre of LGBTQ Latinex people at the Pulse nightclub and “Every 28 Hours” at COCA and the Repertory Theatre of St Louis about extrajudicial violence against people of color in the US.

Produced by Joan Lipkin and Pamela Reckamp, “Playhouse Emissions: A Climate Change Theatre Action” will feature a sampling of the CCTA international collection of short plays inspired by climate change and prevailing attitudes towards science.

Read by some of the leading actors in St Louis, the plays will be selected from over 25 cultures, from industrialized and developing countries and urban and rural areas. These perspectives include low lying nations threatened by sea level change and countries facing severe heatwaves, floods or droughts. The evening will also include a performance from Ashley Tate of Ashliane Dance Company, and a vocal performance.