Personal connections on journeys and authentic eco-tourism; Haley Pepper and Mauricio Fonseca

Haley Pepper will regale you with stories about making connections with the people you meet on journeys, whether your journey or theirs. She will talk about the importance of helping others as well as being helped along your way. Mauricio Fonseca will speak about what you can learn while traveling when you keep adventure, environment, service, culture and language foremost in your mind.

Haley Pepper and Mauricio Fonseca do not have typical résumés. They have formal educations and have done some normal things, but they also have an exaggerated sense of adventure. As a boy, Mauricio spent four years living in a hut with a Shaman in Costa Rica. Haley left Missouri to sail the seas on tall ships. Mauricio runs Rainforest Expeditions, their ecotourism company; Haley is a school nurse. The joy in their lives is little Eddie, their 16-month-old son.