Our Staff Are Our Heart

In her Platform Address last Sunday, “Evolving Together,” our Leader Kate Lovelady stressed the importance of our staff to the life of the Ethical Society community. I’d just like to take a moment to echo her sentiment: our staff are the heart of the Ethical Society of St. Louis. Every single one of them is a pleasure to work with, and I get up every day excited to get to the Society and prepare a new week’s programs.

Nancy Jelinek works overtime in the office almost every day, and is on top of absolutely everything that happens at the Society – it’s superhuman, really. Rachel Valenti and Mary Harden design, prepare, and deliver amazing lessons and programs for our young people, making the Ethical Society a fantastic place to raise children. Kitt Rogers is a supremely dedicated Facility Coordinator, and she often comes into work on odd days to sort out a problem or make sure the heating’s on. JD Brooks seems to know every musicidan in the city, and arranges for exquisite and exquisitely varied Platform music every single week. Debbie Bernett is always on hand to set up a room, make endless vats of coffee, or prepare a projector to ensure our programs run smoothly. Louise Jett, our newest staff addition, has quickly become a member of our community and has made my job immeasurably easier and even more enjoyable.

We are hugely lucky to have such a talented and dedicated staff.

We are even luckier to have such a talented and dedicated Leader, in Kate Lovelady. Kate has become a mentor and a friend over the past few years, and I cannot express how lucky I feel for the privilege of working alongside her. She is the last person to sing her own praises, so I will say it for her: much of the success of the Ethical Society of St. Louis is down to Kate’s caring, thoughtful, steady, and passionate leadership over more than ten years. Most Societies do not enjoy a Leader with such a wide range of skills, and we should be so grateful for everything she has done for our community.

I think we can say with confidence that with staff of this caliber the Society is in good hands. As we look to further growth and success in the future, we can be thankful for the work these staff put in to make it happen.